Introduction to Community Based Archaeology

working2Are you fascinated by archaeology programmes on T.V., were you addicted to Time Team?

South Leeds Archaeology offered a course providing a basic introduction to Community Based Archaeology.

The course was run at Oakwell Hall in July 2016 and the overall feedback was excellent.

Four 2-hr sessions explained how an archaeological investigation is researched, planned, carried out on-site and finally recorded and published. Common terms and techniques were covered.  A lot can be done without having to be physically active, even from the comfort of your own home!

Now there is another chance …

We are shortly planning to hold a series of sessions which will be held in the Rothwell area, early in 2017.
If you think you might be interested and want to join the list of those already considering the course then:
use this link to contact South Leeds Archaeology.

We now have an information page describing the 2017 course:
Follow this link to learn more

No previous knowledge or experience is necessary and we hope that following these sessions you might be persuaded to join SLA and take part in future projects which we are planning.