Digging a possible Saxon chapel in North Yorkshire


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Following on from our first highly successful talks evenings:

Wednesday 26th July 2017
The Lost Kingdom of Elmet
This talk aims to shed light on the Dark Ages by examining the evidence for the British Kingdom of Elmet, one of several small principalities which sprang up after the Roman administration collapsed. Consideration of the scattered and fragmentary information offers a fascinating glimpse of life in the landscape of South and West Yorkshire 1,500 years ago.

Dave offers courses and talks on many aspects of local history and archaeology.  This talk focuses on a period of history which is becoming better understood with recent research and discoveries.

Find out about our friendly group. As well as practical fieldwork, we offer talks and workshops covering all aspects of archaeology.

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Our first public talks programme started in March 2017 with archaeologist Ian Roberts talking about some of his greatest discoveries.
Our 2017 programme is now complete
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Oakwell Hall, nr Birstall, venue for our 2016 Conference

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A ‘dumpy level’ and ‘tape survey’ in the woods at Hardcastle Crags
This course has now completed another successful series of sessions

‘Introduction to Community Based Archaeology’

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